Conversion Agreement (cont.)


As is common business practice with all forms of book publishing, a contract between the author and the ePublisher serves to protect the interests of both parties. Before submitting your manuscript to eStarPublish, please agree to the GRANT OF RIGHTS. Then read the following and provide all requested information. When finished, indicate your willingness to abide by these terms by clicking the "I Agree - Proceed" button below.

In order for your book to be converted to an eBook by eStarPublish, you need to e-mail a PDF file, Word document, or some other acceptable electronic version of your book to with "eStarPublish Submission" in the subject line, but only after your review and agreement to the terms listed on the Agreement Section, including the Grant of Rights Agreement and Submission Agreement. You may also send the book file on disk via regular mail to: eStarPublish, c/o Five Star Publications, Inc., 4696 W. Tyson St., Chandler, AZ 85226-2903. We do not scan hard copies of the book for this purpose; however, you may scan a hard copy of your book into an electronic file and submit it to us. In all cases, all pages must be in one format and in one file.

We welcome new manuscripts and previously published books. While eStarPublish prefers professionally designed, edited, and produced manuscripts because they serve their authors and publishers much better in the marketplace, it is not required. That said, if you're interested in having eStarPublish lay out your book, contact us at or 480-940-8182 or 866-471-0777 for a quote.

Further, we reserve the right to refuse service and we will not convert any files/materials of a pornographic nature.


The eBook market is ever-evolving. Call us at 480-940-8182, toll free: 866-471-0777 for our best price on book conversion!

Note: While eStarPublish converts your manuscript into eFiles that are compatible with Amazon's Kindle, iTunes iBooks, Kobo, NOOK, and Sony, we do not list your book for sale on those sites unless you separately contract with us for eDistribution. Visit and click on Distribution for more information. To get listed on Amazon, visit and follow the instructions. To get listed in iTunes iBookstore, contact iTunes.

Should the author/publisher choose to be listed in eStarPublish's eBookstore for an additional $149 for one year, the author/publisher is required to supply a written description of the book (no more than 100 words) and cover photo JPEG. The description cannot be changed until the listing is renewed. If your eBook can be downloaded at Amazon, iTunes iBookstore, or on your website, we will publish that link, too, if you supply us with that information. eStarPublish does not take any percentage of sales of a book listed its eBookstore.

To render services, eStarPublish requires prepayment. We will do our best to get the job done within 45 days or sooner, depending upon the number of pages in the book and the number of books already under contract for conversion. Payment is nonrefundable once we have begun your file conversion. Further, because it is not possible to make any changes to the file once it has been converted, if the author/publisher requests changes, the author/publisher must submit a new file with those changes made in it, and it will result in a new file conversion fee payable by the author/publisher.

By proceeding to the Submission Form, you acknowledge you have read and understood the information above.

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