Distribution Requirements

In order for eStarPublish to distribute your eBook, you will need to send us the following items and information. Note: We do not distribute materials of a pornographic nature.

  • Names of author(s) and illustrator(s) of the eBook

  • A unique, 13-digit ISBN number designated solely for your eBook (Note: By industry standards, each different version of your book requires a unique 13-digit ISBN number. Therefore, it is not permissible for us to use the ISBN number that is uniquely assigned to the hard copy version of your book. Example: Hardcover books have their own unique ISBN, paperback books have their own unique ISBN, and eBooks have their own unique ISBN numbers.)

  • A JPEG (.jpg) photo of the cover of your book

  • A PDF, ePub, and PRC eFile of your book (all three are required) If you don't have your book converted to these types of files, we can do it for you. Click here for information on eConversion through eStarPublish.com .

  • The desired retail price for the eBook. Note: Some eBookstores and iBookstores will not allow us to set the price. They generally set it somewhere between $2.99 and $9.99, depending on how many pages. However, wherever and whenever we can, we will have the book listed at the price you prefer.

  • A 500-word description of your eBook (the word count includes any endorsements you submit) and a 75-word description of your eBook.

  • A completed Grant of Rights form, Distribution Agreement form, and prepayment.

  • We do not accept materials of a pornographic nature, and we reserve the right to refuse eBooks that do not meet the Five Star standards of quality.

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